Modern Manufacturing Services

Aiming at enhancing the intensive, professional, and standard management of technical services of the company, the Department extends its service chain, creates new business modes, and forms an “Internet + service” model so as to provide customers with a full range of value-added services.

Main services

n  Import & export, financing, bidding, centralized procurement, engineering projects, services in the chemical industry, environmental protection, energy, urban infrastructure construction, and other fields

n  Export of complete-set chemical and environmental protection equipment, single units, and parts or components; equipment leasing; dispensing and handling of second-hand idle equipment and surplus products

n  Providing comprehensive maintenance for Chemical equipment and special ship such as maintenance, fault diagnosis, product supply chain, and second-hand equipment renovation

n  Providing project bidding agency, design consulting, supervision, and other services

n  Centralized procurement of materials and equipment

n  Manufacturing of special ships

n  Anticorrosion engineering services

Cutting edge

n  Multiple qualifications for certification, bidding agency, etc.

n  Sound supply channels leading to famous domestic and foreign companies

n  Long-term close relations with Chinese manufacturers of machinery, electrical equipment, materials, instruments & meters, pipe fittings, and valves; capable of working as an engineering consultant to provide procurement consulting services to domestic and foreign project contractors and owners

n  Professional team: consisting of professionals experienced in import & export trade, technical services, bidding, maintenance, management, information technology, and anti-corrosion engineering, etc.

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