Auto Parts & Vehicle manufacturing

The BU develops lightweight technology for automotive parts, builds an auto parts supply system, and develops advanced manufacturing industry based on the traditional parts manufacturing technology, by using new chemical materials and introducing international cutting-edge technologies.

n  Dedicated to building a world-class enterprise; products sold to Germany, Russia, and some other countries; providing  auto parts  for medium and high-end vehicles such as BMW, Hyundai, BAIC, Brilliance, Golden Dragon.

n  Having established a modular competitive manufacturing system for auto parts and auto assemblies using  new chemical materials

n  The auto parts manufactured  by the company are used on army special vehicles, moving police vehicles, fire-fighting  emergency repair vehicles,  aircraft launching vehicles, coach cars, and caravans, etc.

Main products

n  Automobile axles and gears, etc.

n  Vehicle assemblies  and cab modules

n  Passenger buses and modified cars

Cutting edge

n  An advanced gear processing system

n  Annually producing 400, 000 vehicle axles

n  In close cooperation with renowned auto parts manufacturers such as Mobis of Korea and Deyang Industries (Deyang Chonche, Tianjin Sungwoo)

n  Powerful inter-system support with new materials and intelligent manufacturing, etc.

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