Rubber and Plastics Machinery & Chemical Equipment

Rubber & Plastics Machinery

Providing users with digital and intelligent rubber machinery, equipment, and production solutions with the characteristic of high-quality, high-efficiency and high-precision; curing press,  internal mixers, and other products sold all over the world and used by Goodyear, Michelin, Bridgestone, and other world-class tire manufacturers.


Main Products

Cutting edge

n  Leading the world in the technology of rubber machinery, with the world’s biggest production volume of curing press

n  Having accumulatively produced more than 16,000 curing press serving the world's Top 10 tire companies

n  Having accumulatively produced over 800 internal mixers serving five of the  world’s Top 10 tire companies

n  curing press and internal mixers holding  a market share of 30%; having manufactured the world’s largest tire curing press and conveyor belt press




Chemical Equipment

Providing users with high-quality and technically-advanced chemical machinery and equipment; having independently developed some major advanced chemical equipment that is technically-advanced and large scale to replace imported products;  drying technology and equipment being internationally advanced; capable of providing  R&D, design, processing, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning services for petrochemical and chemical enterprises


Main Products

Cutting edge

n  China’s first set of large-sized equipment with internationally advanced technology

n  Taking a leading position among the domestic counterparts  as for equipment manufacturing capacity

n  China’s only provider of complete sets of ionic membrane caustic soda plants and electrolytic technology and related services

n    All the equipment localization and R&D projects undertaken by the company are in the list of national major technology and equipment R&D projects

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