Reaction Process Machinery




As a system provider, KraussMaffei uses its Reaction Process Machinery business unit to provide molds and trimmer technology as well as process and system solutions for manufacturing innovative components made from polyurethane or other reactive materials.


KraussMaffei provides a comprehensive product portfolio of machines and systems for PU processing in reaction process machinery. Mixing heads and dosing machines, presses, die cutters, flexible cutting systems and foaming tools as well as machines and systems for insulation applications provide the basis for a broad spectrum of applications. The Automotive Component Systems area supplies the complete product line for trimmer and mold technology for polyurethane components; Automotive Testing rounds out the product portfolio and works as a service provider in the area of climate-related and mechanical testing of components.


Mixing and metering

Mixing heads                            Mixing/metering machines    


Additional metering units




Mold carriers & systems

Mold carriers                            Systems for white goods     



Multi-station systems



Automotive Component Systems

Foaming molds                        Punching/cutting technology 


Milling and reworking



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