Research & Development Achievements

  560 patents granted, with 70 patents pending


  Rubber Machinery

  n  The largest curing press in the world: 210-inch giant tire curing press with a world-class technology level.

  n  The comprehensive technology N-shape and E-shape internal mixer with volumes ranging from 1.5L to 650L reaches an international advanced level.

  n  The first tandem internal mixer in China enjoys world top technology.

  n  The comprehensive technology of the largest plank curing press with steel wire (textile) rope core (3200x16000mm) reaches world advanced level, and some of the techniques are leading in the world.


  Chemical Equipment

  n  World’s first water/gas cold entrained-flow bed dry pulverized coal gasifier.

  n  As the only enterprises with relative intellectual property rights, it can independently design, develop and manufacture ionic membrane electrolyzer, and it provides ionic membrane caustic soda facility and electrolysis technique.

  n  SHJ co-rotating twin-screw extruder, large drying unit complete equipment and other technologies are the first ones in China.

  n  Dry engineering technique and equipment, electrochemistry equipment and engineering, Ethylene cracking furnace quenching and heat recovery system, and exhaust boiler and heat recovery system reach a world advanced level.

  n  Labyrinth compressor and gas capacity modulation system, plastics modification technology and equipment, Long distance pipeline anti-corrosion insulation engineering technology and equipment are leading nationwide.



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