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In the area of injection molding machinery, as full-range suppliers KraussMaffei and Netstal market injection molding machines that can produce large number of individual plastic parts.

The extensive product portfolio in injection molding machinery ranges from hydraulic and all-electric injection molding machines, process and system solutions for processing thermoplasts, thermosetting plastics and elastomers, to the use of multicolor and multiple-component machines and special processes.


KraussMaffei offers machines with clamping force magnitudes of 350 to 40 000 kN. Customers in the automotive sector, above all, who produce high-quality surfaces and lightweight elements, place their trust in product and system solutions from KraussMaffei. But also manufacturers of white goods, medical technology, consumer durables and packaging solutions appreciate the high-performance offer.



AX Series                                 EX Series




CX Series                                 MX Series                     


GX Series




Linear robots                            Articulated arm robots / industrial robots           


Side-entry robots



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 The Netstal product brand is an international provider of premium high-performance and high-precision injection molding technology and system solutions.

Netstal markets product groups with clamping force magnitudes between 500 and 8 000 kN. Particularly customers who manufacture precision parts for technical applications, packaging solutions, closures or PET preforms have confidence in the first-class offer from Netstal.


SynErgy                                    EVOS                           


ELION                                      PET-LINE




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