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Tianhua Institute Puts into Operation China’s Largest Ammonium Sulfate Drying Project


Recently, the 900,000-ton/year ammonium sulfate drying project of Sinopec Baling Petrochemical Company Limited (Baling Petrochemical) contracted by Tianhua Institute was put into production.

The plant is China’s largest single ammonium sulfate fluidized bed dryer, featuring difficult design and manufacture, complex technology, and high technical requirements. Tianhua Institute designed the equipment for Baling Petrochemical’s high-standard demand as a way to ensure equipment stability and performance by introducing strict quality control and advanced internal-heat fluidized-bed drying technology. Also, Tianhua Institute embedded an intelligent control system in the production for high efficiency and low energy consumption.

The commissioning marks the enhancement of the company’s design capability and market competitiveness. It also serves as a new model for China’s ammonium sulfate industry, representing its technological advances.

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