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Jiao Jian Conducts Investigation at KraussMaffei China


On November 8, Jiao Jian, director of the Board, general manager of Sinochem Holdings and deputy secretary of the Party Leadership Group, conducted a survey at KraussMaffei China, visited frontline researchers, managers and workers, and detailed the enterprise’s workplace safety, strategic planning, sci-tech R&D, operational excellence and coordinated development. Zhang Chi, Party secretary, chairman and general manager of KraussMaffei, took part in the survey.

Mr. Jiao visited the assembly center and technology center of KraussMaffei’s Jiaxing plant in China and exchanged ideas with researchers, team leaders and frontline workers.

After listening to the work report of KraussMaffei China, Jiao recognized the technical accumulation of enterprises and the professional ability and work style of managers and employees. Mr. Jiao emphasized that as a central enterprise, it is necessary to keep in mind China’s priority, play a good role in technological innovation, industrial control and safety support in expediting developing a new development model. The company needs to understand the far-reaching significance of technological innovation in empowering itself and the industry. It is important to recognize that the environmental protection, new energy and green and low-carbon industries are in line with the future development direction of the country and society. As such, technological innovation needs to be regarded as the only choice and top priority for Sinochem Holdings’ future development. The company must fulfill its industrial mission.

Based on the company’s key work and on-site investigation, Mr. Jiao presented the following five requirements.

First, Sinochem Holdings needs to demonstrate its vitality in the new era, inherit the entrepreneurship and innovation ethos of its founding period, unite the whole team, and stimulate vitality. It also needs to do a good job in workplace safety, lean management, quality and efficiency, and boost its high-quality development.

Second, all need to have firm confidence in development. Facing the current severe situation, all need to be confident and resilient. They need to rely on the existing foundation and advantages, build on strengths and complement deficiencies and improve the quality so as to make breakthroughs in the uncertain market environment. The company needs to adjust the market strategy timely, set up a fast-decision-making mechanism, smooth communication and coordination at home and abroad, and enhance the efficiency of production, management and operation. It also needs to improve the quality of products and services, better meet the needs of emerging markets like China, and enhance the brand value.

Third, the company needs to facilitate sci-tech research and development. Industry technology is ever changing. The enterprise needs to step up the pace in following the industry’s trends to carry out R&D. By competitive industries, it needs to seek new thinking, make changes, and break through bottlenecks. Based on the technological accumulation, it would form its unique edges and technical generation to serve as a pacesetter in the industry’s long-term development.

Fourth, the enterprise needs to enhance the quality of operation. Sinochem Holdings has brought into full play of its internal synergies and the whole industry chain’s advantages and utilized capital, talents, technologies and other resources. It has carried out business synergies and expansion along the industry chain to create greater value in strengthening system coordination. It has improved its industrial structure, tapped market potentials, and enhanced its profitability to maintain stable growth.

Fifth, the company needs to focus on capacity building in key areas. In light of its overall development strategy and industry chain needs, Sinochem Holdings needs to strengthen top-level design, define strategic goals, map out development plans, and build on future development. While doing a good job in technology inheritance, it is necessary to enhance equipment manufacturing capabilities and the R&D and innovation abilities of local products and technologies and to enable the development of the global industry chain.

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