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Yiyang Yishen wins largest single order for new vulcanizing machines


Recently, Yiyang Yishen Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd. (referred to as Yishen Company), a subsidiary of Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery Group under China National Chemical Equipment Corporation, signed a contract with a domestic tire manufacturer to provide more than 100 new vulcanizing machines.

This is the largest-ever single order won by Yishen Company for vulcanizing machines. Up to now, Yishen Company has produced and sold more than 4,000 vulcanizing machines, which are widely used in famous tire enterprises at home and abroad.

The 65-inch mechanical-hydraulic vulcanizing machine provided this time is the latest product developed by Yishen Company. It changes the mechanical control of the original vulcanizing machine into hydraulic control, which has obvious advantages. Its overall structure is more reasonable and compact, with a smaller footprint; each action is stable and reliable, and the response is fast. Compared with the original model, the new machine reduces idle time by 8~10 seconds per vulcanization cycle, showing a higher efficiency. The manipulator and the central mechanism adopt the mode of “oil cylinder + linear sensor”, and the position can be digitally controlled, which has a higher degree of automation and reduces labor intensity. After the central mechanism is changed to hydraulic structure, the temperature difference between the upper and lower sidewalls of the tire during vulcanization is reduced, and the vulcanization quality of the tire is improved. The central mechanism adopts V-group sealing ring structure, featuring long service life and convenient replacement. Integrated vulcanization valve group is adopted, which makes the whole equipment more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

The high-precision vulcanizing machine produced by Yishen Company covers more than 30 specifications and models in three series: hydraulic, mechanical-hydraulic and mechanical. It can be customized according to users' needs, and has been well received in domestic and foreign markets.

In addition to the 65-inch mechanical-hydraulic vulcanizing machine provided this time, another product newly developed by Yishen Company – the 51-inch high-precision servo-controlled hydraulic vulcanizing machine has passed the customer's on-site acceptance and will be sent to the customer's site soon. This model adopts servo-controlled hydraulic system, which realizes on-demand output and can save energy to the maximum extent. The rotation, opening and closing of the gripper are controlled by servo motor, which has the advantages of accurate positioning, fast response and high repeatability. In addition, its vulcanization pipeline and thermal insulation adopt new integrated technology, which is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly as a whole.

The 51-inch high-precision servo-controlled hydraulic vulcanizing machine newly developed by Yishen Company passes the customer's on-site acceptance

In recent years, Yiyang Rubber Machinery, adhering to the philosophy of making the most unique, most professional and highest-quality products, has continuously carried out product innovation and technology R&D in close connection with domestic and overseas market demand. The products have been sold to Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, India, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and other countries, and favored by customers along the "the Belt and Road".

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