Responsible Care

Fujian Tianhua Delivers Love and Care to Needy Employees

“I extend my gratitude to ChemChina and CNCE’s Trade Union for their care and CNCE’s Party Committee and Trade Union for their long-term help, with which I feel the warmth of home in my toughest time. I am proud to be a member of Fujian Tianhua.” said excitedly Lin Suyu, a needy worker of Fujian Tianhua’s assembly workshop, after receiving 50,000 yuan of aid.

A few years ago, Lin’s family suffered a sudden misfortune. Her husband was diagnosed with advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma and needed to take drugs for a long time. Due to high medical expenses, he could not work normally. She had undergone “panhysterectomy” and other operations. Her child was still studying, and her family life was challenged. She was listed as a subsidized target by Sanming Federation of Trade Unions and Fujian Tianhua’s Trade Union.

On the morning of July 27, Li Cheng, Party Secretary and Executive Director of Fujian Tianhua, coupled with the love and care of ChemChina and CNCE’s Trade Union for workers, cordially greeted Lin Suyu with relief money and asked Lin about her husband’s and her own health as well as her child’s college entrance examinations, praising Lin’s spirit of self-improvement and encouraging her to take good care of her husband, overcome the difficulties in life, and work in her post to make positive contributions to the development of Fujian Tianhua.

Li Cheng said, enterprise is the most solid backing for its workers. Fujian Tianhua and its trade unions at all levels always care for the lives of workers and do their utmost to solve problems plaguing employees. The company has established the security fund to give financial aid to impoverished workers. It is hoped that, after needy employees get out of their difficulties, they will carry on the spirit of Tianhua and help more people in need.

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