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Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery Wins Applauds for Poverty Alleviation

On January 25, leaders of the Party Branch and the Village Committee of Yijiafang Village, Majitang Town, Taojiang County, Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery’s precision poverty alleviation point, made a special trip from Taojiang to Yiyang to send a banner to Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery, expressing thanks to the company for helping Yijiafang Village get rid of poverty.

What makes people happier than receiving silk banners is the success of poor households in getting rid of poverty.

From the beginning of 2017, Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery’s leaders, including Yao Hongjian, Executive Deputy General Manager, and Liu Menghui, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, have successively gone into Yijiafang Village to provide “one-on-one” precise assistance. The company helped the village to set up a bamboo shoot factory and let the poor households go to work in the factory to learn technology so as to increase their abilities in getting rich.  In view of the fact that children cannot afford tuition fees and drop out of school due to family difficulties, the golden autumn student assistance activities are carried out to solve the problem of children not affording their tuition fees. As Yijiafang Village is located in a remote mountainous area with inconvenient transportation, Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery has also appropriated special funds to repair the roads into the village, aiming at helping the villagers to get rid of poverty. At present, four poor families have successfully lifted out of poverty.

Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery’s poverty alleviation staff members visit Yijiafang Village

After the successful completion of the poverty alleviation tasks in Yijiafang village, from March 2018 onwards, Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery has moved to Tangjiu Village, Yangjiaotang Town, the contact point of poverty-stricken Anhua county, to launch a new round of precision poverty alleviation battle. As many as 16 impoverished households will be assisted this time. We will pay regular follow-up visits to 11 households lifted out of poverty to prevent them from returning to poverty.

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