Responsible Care

Guilin Rubber Machinery’s Volunteers Escort World-Class Events

On October 21, the Guilin Section of the 2018 Tour of Guangxi Road Cycling Race kicked off. Guilin Rubber Machinery has dispatched 13 volunteers to serve as security guards.

At six o’clock in the morning, Guilin Rubber Machinery’s volunteers gathered at the designated track to build a solid human wall and maintain order at the scene. It rained heavily that day. Volunteers only wore simple raincoats to prevent rain and turned their backs to the exciting and fierce competition. Facing the enthusiastic crowd of onlookers, they always maintained a straight posture in high spirits, did not leave their posts and did not relax until the end of the competition at 2 p.m. They showed a good mental outlook and successfully completed the security duty on that day, which was highly praised by relevant departments of the municipal government.

This is the second time for Guilin Rubber Machinery to assign volunteers to serve the competition.

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