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Sichuan Danchi Helps Staff Realize College Dream

Recently, 17 employees of Sichuan Danchi Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. (Sichuan Danchi) successively got diplomas upon their completion of junior college courses and undergraduate education from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China and Sichuan Agricultural University. It marked that they have realized their dream of pursuing higher education while remaining in service.

Sichuan Danchi, according to its production and operation demands as well as the strategic requirement for deepening reform and innovation, adopts a two-pronged approach in personnel development, namely, employment of college graduates and further training of employees. It has formulated and implemented the Measures for Professional Talent Training to encourage the staff to engage in online higher education matching their specialty, with a view of uplifting their education level. In this way, the company endeavors to enhance professional knowledge and innovation capability of the business backbone and first-line workers for gear manufacturing, product research and development, technological innovation, precise management and information technology, in order to vigorously boost the conversion of the company’s human resources into talent capital and intellectual capital.  

Over the past five years, the company fully financed junior college education and undergraduate education of technology quality technicians and core production and operation personnel (totaling over 20) who pursued higher education in such majors as mechanical design and manufacturing, electromechanical integration, financial management and computer information while retaining their jobs, to help increase their competence for work. As a result, among the company’s core professionals of technology quality management, the ratio of higher education degree holders has increased from less than 50% three years ago to the current 72%, which means a structural improvement of the staff quality.

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