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“Learn from Lei Feng” Charity Activities Organized by CNCE Companies

To commemorate the Learn from Lei Feng Day on March 5, several subsidiaries of China National Chemical Equipment Corporation (CNCE) have organized various kinds of charity activities to carry forward Lei Feng’s spirit of finding pleasure in helping others and devoting oneself to serving the people.

Li Jing, a machine operator at Sichuan Bluestar Machinery Co., Ltd., one of the first Role Models of Learning from Lei Feng awarded in Sichuan province, attended the launch ceremony for the volunteer service network in Deyang on March 5. Li is one of the only two winners of the honorary title “Model Worker after the Example of Lei Feng” in Deyang and the only winner in the chemical machinery industry in Sichuan.

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Photo: Li Jing (center) receives the certificate of honor

On March 5, over 100 staff and retirees in Lishan community, Xi’an, formed the “Learn from Lei Feng”volunteer service team to clean public facilities such as road lamps, fences and sports facilities in the neighborhood, clear the weed and waste on the green belt, sweep the streets, remove illegal advertising stickers on billboards and poles, and paint a total of more than 1,000m2 of office rooms and stores, giving the neighborhood a fresh new look. They also set up “Love Wardrobe” to collect donated clothes and sent them to people in impoverished areas.

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Photo: The volunteer service team in Lishan, Xi’an

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Photo: Volunteers in Lishan, Xi’an removing street waste

The Labor Union and the Youth League Committee of Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery Group organized a blood donation activity, with over 40 Youth League members giving their blood on the bloodmobile sent by the city’s blood bank.

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Photo: Youth League members of Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery filling in forms for blood donation

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Photo: Blood donation by YLC members of Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery

Young volunteers of Shenyang Automobile Axle Manufacturing visited the Lei Feng Memorial Hall to go over the moving stories about Comrade Lei Feng and learn from him the spirit of finding pleasure from helping others and making sacrifices.


Photo: A volunteer of Shenyang Automobile Axle Manufacturing has his photo taken before the sculpture of Lei Feng

The Youth League Committee of Dalian Factory 4821 organized a voluntary activity of cleaning the factory to inspire its members to become role models both at work and in charity activities.

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Photo: YLC members of Dalian Factory 4821 cleaning the factory zone

 (Correspondents: Tang Anshu, Zhang Aiting, Li Zhonghong, Wang Hua and Li Ying)

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